Frequently Asked Questions

Who can publish in RI-CONACYT?

Scientists, technicians, policy makers, project officers, women and men who had produced papers, articles, etc in science areas. In addition, universities, scientific and technological research centers and STI organizations can use the repository to promote their scientific production.

How RI-CONACYT manage the intellectual property?

The intellectual property is the same of the publication. Although, you have to consider the fact of RI-CONACYT is an open access repository.

How can I publish in RI-CONACYT?

You have to send an email to, a project officer will contact you to coordinate the activities.

What is the difference between CICCO and RI-CONACYT?

CICCO (Scientific Information Center for CONACYT) and RI-CONACYT have different purposes. CICCO give access to high impact world scientific collections purchased by CONACYT, instead RI-CONACYT spreads the endogenous scientific Paraguayan publications. For this reason, interoperability is the most important thing in order scientists around the world be able to reach publications in a simple way.