Frequently Asked Questions

Who can publish in the CONACYT Institutional Repository?

Public and private universities, scientific and technological research centers, STI organizations, and researchers and technologists who are beneficiaries of CONACYT funding programs can publish their scientific production in the Institutional Repository.

How to publish in the Institutional Repository?

To publish in the repository, you must log in with your user account, go to the Submissions section, start another submission, select a collection Solicitud de depósito, complete the electronic form with the publication data and attach the complete file, i.e., the full text.

You can also send the publication to, requesting publication in the repository. A CONACYT officer will manage the registration and cataloging of the publication.

What kind of resources are found in the Institutional Repository?

The repository contains more than 2,000 digital resources, including scientific articles, books, master's and doctoral theses, technical and scientific protocols, compendiums and manuals, which are the results of research projects, scientific events, graduate programs and scholarships for the training of researchers, funded by CONACYT, through the PROCIENCIA and PROINNOVA programs.

What are the benefits of using the repository for researchers and research institutions in the country?

Some of the main benefits for researchers are: the publication of their research results in open access, increasing visibility and impact in terms of citations, communication with other researchers, the exchange of scientific work, the development of collaborative research and the management and adoption of copyright policies.

For research institutions, the repository helps increased the dissemination of their academic and scientific production, provides greater visibility and institutional prestige, and support for the evaluation of research activity before certification and accreditation bodies.

Can Creative Commons licenses be used on documents?

CONACYT beneficiary authors who upload their documents in the repository must use one of the Creative Commons copyright licenses for publication and dissemination.

CONACYT recommends the use of the license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), because, in addition to guaranteeing the access and use of the documents, with the obligation to cite the author and its publication, it avoids the use for commercial purposes and prevents the restriction of access (subscription or payment) by ensuring the distribution of the new publication under the same license.

For the assignment of the license and more information about them you can access the link